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 banne from |F|z Promod :(

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Flag : Algeria
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PostSubject: banne from |F|z Promod :(   Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:31 pm

Your In-Game Name*: |SK| Habibloko

Your GR[ID]?*:  7602329

Reason you were banned?: wh -_-

Who banned you?: i don't know

When were you banned?  8/13/2016

What Server were you banned on?: |F|z Promod S&D

Why s hould you be unbanned?*: because i wasn't hacking....i was playing nrml and then...player banned...i swear i wasn't hacking Sad

pleas unbanne i play almost evry time in that server and i wasn't hacking...i tald them to spec me but they sad no we don't need to spec you
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banne from |F|z Promod :(
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