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 |F|z| Promod!!!

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neonn :)))

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PostSubject: |F|z| Promod!!!   Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:25 pm

Alright im literally making this post when im spectating an aimboter on the promod server that i cant kick, he is connected directly to the ip and b3 is useless on that part. 1st of all we should all at least have the rcon password for the promod server in case like this happens at least for the members who play on promod server more since it has no pb to kick any violations to it, and having peope connecting through the ip and b3 to prove useless in this situations. if that cant be done then turn pb on, any kind of that free bullshit hacks are detected anyway and i dont like having a 10 yo kid acting all tough and shit simply cuz i cant do anything through b3. This is unacceptable and i get all the players in the server whining and yelling at me cuz i dont ban him simply cuz i cant do it! We need a serious solution on these kind of stuff or else that could cause a lot of trouble + F|z can lose its reputation as a clan against hackers and many people will probably stop playing in our server!

Fellow member,
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Member (60)

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PostSubject: Re: |F|z| Promod!!!   Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:38 pm

i hate him, nick: umad?, phantasy, phantasy:], ...
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|F|z| Promod!!!
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