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 Ban r u serious??

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PostSubject: Ban r u serious??   Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:22 am

Your In-Game Name*:BaronRojo

Your GR[ID]?*:BaronRojo(206848999)

Reason you were banned?:Wall Hack(?)

Who banned you?:Eskei

When were you banned?:16/11/2015

What Server were you banned on?:TDM

Why should you be unbanned?*: Read below...

I just got banned today by someone called Eskei, because he tought i was using Wall hack. I've never used hacks inCoD4, I just killed him because he was jumping and i saw his head over the wall, so i shooted the wall and obviously I killed him it was way too easy to hit because i could see his head that was not a hack.

So now what, I'm banned unfairly just because he is a member of this team and can decide to ban someone permanently without a proper reason. So take this in account, I just got banned out of the blue, permanently by this guy just because I made a good shoot and killed him.

I hope u will be more reasonable.
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PostSubject: Re: Ban r u serious??   Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:47 pm

hello mate i hav seen ur application and will take immediate action on this thanku for giving us the details plz wait for further notice
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Ban r u serious??
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