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 banned ROFL

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PostSubject: banned ROFL   Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:13 pm

this server has great admins.
Zeko being one of thebest..... (not really)
so there was this guy asking prbably new. Why can i not have a sniper? and zeko replied with "press alt f4"
now okay i get it that is funny. But the guy really wanted to know so i said "poor guy wanted to know how to get a sniper and zeko says that"
Boom BoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoom

i am hit with the ban STAIN.

as always to prove im not talking shit.
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PostSubject: Re: banned ROFL   Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:15 am

first of all : if u are in the server to complain and cry about admins then better for u and us and the players u stay outside if u pplay for fun without talking shit or spamming like a kid then u wont face any problems
so the soultion u got ban for 30 mins for ur beahviour and unbanned
so wt u ahve to do is
1:play without complaining or crying about any thing or just leave
2:never ever talk to any admin for a reason of kick or wt he does just play...
3:its public mean there are arpund more than 20 player in the serverdont try to annoy any of them by harassing
Follow or ur ban can get more by time GL & HF
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banned ROFL
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