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 A l e x<3 Unban request.

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PostSubject: A l e x<3 Unban request.   Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:36 am


Your In-Game Name: A l e x<3
Your GR[ID]?: 9d76f84d7b51203ee65fa39267daf3b6
Reason you were banned?: No recoil.
Who banned you?: I think |F|z| Hero (because he was on server, with other admin, i don't remember the other admin's name)
When were you banned? 25th August 2015 (about 06.20)
What Server were you banned on?: |F|z| Hardcore TDM
Why should you be unbanned?: Because i've NEVER hacked. It was the scroll of my mouse, it's all, NO HACK.

Sorry for my english, i'm italian.
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A l e x<3 Unban request.
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