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 I was banned for wh, without wh.......

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PostSubject: I was banned for wh, without wh.......   Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:42 pm

I do not use cheats, couse i know how much i rage when i play with someone who does, first of all.

Your In-Game Name*: PsYcHo

Your GR[ID]?*: 5058782 (I am not sure if this is the right thing, but its all i could find)

Reason you were banned?: For using wh, as admin said

Who banned you?: I am not sure, i am new to playin CoD on these servers

When were you banned? 2 days ago i think

What Server were you banned on?: Fz TDM, TeamDeathMach

Why should you be unbanned?*: Becouse i did not cheat, i do not even know how he came to that counclusion, and i rly like that server couse rest of them are full of some aimbot noobs where you get killed on spawning from acros the map.
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I was banned for wh, without wh.......
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