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 I got banned for a very stupid reason. - troublez (Important) *ADMINABUSE*

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PostSubject: I got banned for a very stupid reason. - troublez (Important) *ADMINABUSE*   Sat Jul 25, 2015 9:11 pm

Your In-Game Name*:voiD`Troublez.

Your GR[ID]?*:4612382

Reason you were banned?:Well I was playing around with my buddy sync and as a joke we say nerd for everything so I said. |F|Z| is a nerd clan and I already had 1 warning for what reason idk. and I got a next warning from
Fz zEko.O and then he failed to type my name correctly "!b tour ye we are sh!t" and then i said "sorry D:" and he proceeded to ban me "!b trou ye we are sh!t"
Who banned you?:Fz zEko.O ( He is an abusive admin and cant even ban hackers that are right in front of him.)

When were you banned?I was banned on "Saturday,July 25th,2015 At 12:00:16 PM EST

What Server were you banned on?:I was banned on |F|z|Promod

Why should you be unbanned?*:It was only meant to be a joke because I joke around alot, I know I need to stop but that was pure admin abuse he should suffer consquences by having his admin taken away, being demoted OR EVEN KICKED FROM THE CLAN and about me being unbanned I try to show true love for the community and I help by busting hackers and I'm trying to have fun D: I love the fz promod server just not zeko...

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PostSubject: Re: I got banned for a very stupid reason. - troublez (Important) *ADMINABUSE*   Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:22 am

did you still get banned there?
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I got banned for a very stupid reason. - troublez (Important) *ADMINABUSE*
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